Product Creation – 3 Factors to Be Aware of When Creating Your Product Ranges

Creating your own product is for sure the best way for you to go with you online marketing business venture. Be aware that it’s easy to get carried away with writing, maybe outsourcing, developing your perfect marketing strategy, overall appearance, and the array of other detail parts of your creation. But along side all these important elements, there are few more that you should pay very close attention to, and have them sharing the top slot on your priority list. They are; the skill level of your target market, your competition, and – what customers think of their purchase. Have you done enough for them; will they return to you, and would they be likely to recommend you to their family and friends?

The following outline 3 factors for you to be aware of when creating your product ranges:

1. The skill level of you customers. It’s important to recognise that everyone will have, or be at, a different skill level, and it’s crucial you are aware of this when creating products for them. One of the easiest ways to determine who’s at what skill level, is to ask them. Send out an email to you list asking them what they’d like to know. You could also post a similar not into forums and other sites in your niche that have a high visitor level. You’ll be able to format a good idea of the skill-set you need to create for now.

2. What’s our competition up to? Go to their sites and find out. Find out what their products are like; if your budget permits, buy from them. Subscribe to their list and see what they’re offering, then offer your list a better quality of information. This is all about research and is good data for your swipe file. If another expert in your niche has something that particularly compels you, off to do a joint venture with them; be sure to, as they will, to have a list of at least 10000 subscribers to make this worth the deal for both of you. Use competition to your advantage – because they will!

3. Have you fulfilled your customer’s hopes and anticipations? Keeping you customers happy is imperative, and you need to know if they like what you do for them. Send an email ask, or on a phone in, you can ask them directly at the end. Tell them they shouldn’t hesitate to ask you if there’s anything else or indeed if there’s something they’re not happy with. If you have a star student, ask if they’d be happy to provide a testimonial for you, which you can put on you r site – with their URL needless to say.

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